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By using ClubPlanner you do not only have access to user-friendly software, but also to the support of the most experienced consultants in the fitness industry.

The online CRM system organizes and controls all important customer processes within fitness clubs. Clear overviews and extensive reports help you and your employees work efficient and proactively. This will give you more focus and peace of mind within your club and better results with less costs.

In addition to the use of the online software, you will also receive support from consultants. They support and train employees, club managers and owners on a daily basis. The combination of software and this support makes ClubPlanner highly appreciated in the fitness industry for more than 10 years.

  • Higher success rate from leads
  • Increased membership duration
  • Optimal communication with customers
  • Optimising human resources management
  • Away with paperwork

Always the right substitute in the classroom

The “Wet werk en Zekerheid”, the implementation of your board’s replacement policy, cooperation with other boards and a tight supply of substitutes, forces boards to plan efficiently. Manually or via excel lists, keeping track of all data and the labour history is an almost impossible task nowadays.

The software of InvalPool supports your organisation to execute the replacement policy in an optimal way. The program takes into account all legal and collective labour agreements. All with the aim of finding the right substitute for the class, also from a legal point of view. Over and over again.

  • Optimal matching of substitutes
  • CAO and WWZ Proof
  • Legally verified software
  • Easy & web-based
  • Automatic notifications
  • Easy to reach helpdesk
  • Flexible to set up

Work plans made quick and easy

Do you experience the creating of work plans every school year as a time-consuming activity? Do you also have trouble making the right calculations? If you still have an administration in Excel, you may recognize this. To what extent do you follow up on changes in legislation? Do you actually have a complete overview?

At the request of the AVS, Axilium has developed user-friendly software for more efficient planning and follow-up of work plans: JaartaakPlanner.nl. This software package is fully in line with the change in the CLA with regard to the “werkverdelingsplan” that took effect on 1 August 2019. It will save you time, effort and uncertainties when creating your work plans.

  • Easy & web-based
  • CAO and WWZ Proof
  • Convenient annual planner
  • Clear dashboard
  • Automatic notifications
  • Easy to reach helpdesk
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About us

At Axilium we design and develop software on a daily basis. Our ambition is to develop software that leads the way in functionality and user-friendliness. If customers tell us that the software is an indispensable and central tool within their company, then we have achieved our goal.

Axilium was founded in 2004 by Jan Jonquière and Raymond Steffann. In the meantime, we have grown into an enthusiastic team of five people. In addition to Jan and Raymond, Manon, Rene and Nico also belong to the ‘Axilium-team’.

Of course, we also offer support to the customers of our software and we do this by means of newsletters with user tips, organising in-depth training and drawing up user analyses, among other things. If you have any questions, you can reach the helpdesk by phone or e-mail.

Our software is marketed in cooperation with partners. Through these collaborations we at Axilium remain focused on our core business: designing and developing software and supporting our customers.This is what we like to do and what we do well!

Jan Jonquière
Raymond Steffann
Manon Jonquière
Consultancy & Training
Rene Paalhaar
Full Stack Developer
Nico Stam
UX Developer



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